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Financial Institutions We Represent For Your GIC Rates

Capital Wealth Management is not a bank or financial institution. We never take custody of your money or funds. We are a no-fee Registered Deposit Broker and our purpose is to help you secure the best GIC rates online to get the most return for your portfolio.

We help you invest in provincially (DICO) and federally (CDIC) insured of tier Canadian banks, life insurance companies, trust companies and credit unions. The difference is we help you buy your GICs online and view your portfolio online without having to contact each institution separately.

Credit Unions
Trust Companies
Life Insurance Companies

Guaranteed Investor Protection with GIC Deposit Insurance

Your GICs are guaranteed and insured federally by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and provincially by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario and Assuris.

  • GICs purchased from Canadian banks and trust companies are insured to a maximum of $100,000 per insured category by CDIC.
  • GICs purchased from Canadian credit unions are insured by provincial programs to a maximum of $250,000 per insured category
  • Term deposits with life insurance companies in Canada are covered by Assuris up to $100,000.
  • Capital Wealth Management helps you build a portfolio of GICs that are guaranteed, insured and protected.


Investors We Can Help With A GIC

Individual Guaranteed Investment Certificate Accounts

Guaranteed Investment Certificates are generally used by investors for a safe fixed-income portion of their portfolio.




GIC Solutions for businesses

Businesses and business owners need access to high yielding, safe investments. We can help you invest this money in high yielding federally and provincially insured GICs, while creating a strategy that allows for liquidation when you need the funds.

Condominium Corporation Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Budgeting by Condominium board involves two annual budgets, each covering a different type of expenditure.  The board should ensure it gets the maximum yeild on the reserve fund assets while minimizing the risk of its portfolio minimized.

Why We Are Able To Find You The Highest GIC Rates On The Market?

We help you find Guaranteed Investment Certificate rates that are generally 1% higher than the big banks. All you do is login to your online account and you can instantly compare the best and highest rates based on your CDIC insurance requirements.

Issuer Lower Operating Costs

The big banks, credit unions, smaller banks, life insurance and trust companies, which are focussed on profits for shareholders. Our online platform means they can pass on what they save from lower operating costs.

You Have The Same Guarantee

You get higher rates guaranteed by CDIC, DICO, Assuris and RBDA.


Our CashiQ technology updates the best interest so you can optimize your portfolio and see if you have maxed out your deposit insurance at any institutions.

Common Guaranteed Investment Certificate Questions

There is no cost to buy a GIC with Capital Wealth Management. We’ve just made it easier for you to use technology to buy all your GICs from one account. You also have a live rate board for current GIC rates.

Yes! All GICs you buy through our platform are insured either $100,00 for CDIC (banks and trusts) and Assuris (life insurance GICs) deposits or $250,000 for DICO (credit unions) deposits.

No you don’t! That’s the advantage of of dealing with Capital Wealth Management. All you have to do is setup a profile. Once you have the profile setup you’ll be able to buy GICs from 20+ financial institutions and see live GIC rates 24/7. Each time you buy a GIC your banking information will be connected directly with the institution and fund transferred through electronic funds transfer. This is done securely in the cloud through servers housed in Canada.

Yes! Capital Wealth Management never takes custody or access to your funds. Your online profile is linked securely to any of the 20+ financial institutions available for you to choose GIC rates from. We are just brokers linking you to these finanicial insitutions with the best insured GIC rates.