Frequently Asked Questions

Capital Wealth Management is an independent, privately owned wealth management firm.  Our firm has over 120 years of combined financial planning advice among our planning advisor team.

We are simply the financial planning dealer.  Quadrus Investment Services is our National Dealer.  It is the trustee of all the money and is one of the investment arms of Power Financial. See the Power Financial structure on The Power Behind Us.

We also have a specialty in comprehensive financial planning, retirement income planning and estate and legacy planning.

We offer five investment based portfolio solutions.  All solutions are strictly based on each client’s specific investment risk tolerance and objectives.

We offer all types of financial solutions from GICs, mutual funds, managed retirement programs and insurance solutions.  We are associated with Qtrade Brokerage and offer self-directed and a managed securities platform.

We have three compensation models:

  1. Single product solutions
  2. A fee based planning model
  3. The trusted advisor engagement.  This is where we are paid to manage the total portfolio.

Depending on the model, we are paid by the product supplier directly or paid by the client.  Tax deductability is also an option depending on the account structure and the payment method.

We feel that we work best with those clients that have a minimum investment of $250,000.  However, we do make exceptions depending on a person’s point in life.  It’s best to have a consultation with an advisor to discuss your situation.

capwealthFrequently Asked Questions