LAUNCH is a Financial Program Created for Millennials

This program has been developed to help put young professionals, students and recent graduates on the right track financially. Our team will help you to take control of your money with a custom financial plan tailored specifically for you.

Is LAUNCH Right For Me?

This is the ideal program for those who are currently:

  • Looking to pay off their debt
  • Increase cash flow
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Protect their assets
  • Purchase a home
  • Create wealth
  • Provide for their family

What’s Included?

  • Initial Financial Discovery Assessment
  • Gap & Action Strategy Session
  • Unlimited Email – Test – FaceTime Support and Strategy
  • A Financial Report Card Sent Directly to Your Phone

  • Coming out of university, I had some student loans I needed help with paying down. I got my first job and finally had some money coming in. Signing up for Launch, we first did a budget sheet to see how much a month i could afford to pay off my debt and create some savings for when I buy a house next year. Really helped put me on a solid financial foundation and gave me clarity of where I am headed!

  • Since joining launch, I’ve paid down $10,000 of debt and created a savings accounts to help fund my future house and vacation fund. Never would have been able to do it without the Launch program giving me clarity on where i needed to put my money toward!

  • Finally was able to buy a house because I was able to control my spending. We did a spending plan and I realized half of my money was going to entertainment and nonessential expenses. I knew I was spending a lot of money but once I finally put it down on paper it made me realize that I needed to change. 


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