Lynda Kay Knapp CFP, PFP, EPC

Certified Financial Planner, Retirement & Estate Planning

After more than two decades working in the field, Lynda’s financial planning style remains rooted in this belief: You are the Greatest Asset You Own. Lynda understands that a good financial plan is deeply personal and unique to every person who enters her office. By understanding her clients’ priorities and identifying what makes them feel inspired, confident and peaceful, she helps her clients create a financial plan that will allow them to enjoy life at every stage.

Lynda gives clients a clear view of their financial picture and helps them clarify a unique dream for retirement. At what age will it happen? How will it look and feel? Lynda helps her clients create peace of mind by understanding each step toward retirement and laying out a clear path toward their ultimate goals and dreams.

Specializing in estate planning, Lynda helps her clients arrange their financial affairs to leave the greatest love letter to their families and communities at the end of their lives. That may mean paying less taxes and maximizing those hard-won assets so that others can enjoy the fruits of their labours. Many clients express appreciation for the ease with which their parents and loved ones had arranged their estates, greatly reducing the work and costs of liquidating an estate.

Lynda feels blessed to be living in her waterfront home in Port Dalhousie, where she can enjoy the benefits of nature, her large family and dogs. Along with her partner, she celebrates life with backyard music festivals and regular dinner parties. She is also a frequent guest host of It’s Your Wealth on 610 CKTB, a weekly radio show hosted by Capital Wealth Management. Catch her fiercely unique perspective on Saturdays at 8 am.
Office Phone: 905-682-5789 x236

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