Why Professional Advice is Essential

Professional advice is different.

Professional recommendations are made as a result of in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and while adhering to specific standards that protect client interests.

Professionals are experts in their fields. Their recommendations have consequences for the advice-giver and the advice-taker and must reflect insight and prudence. That’s why they’re subject to regulatory scrutiny.

Know the Facts

  • According to CIRANO research, the increased assest of advised vs. non-advised households cannot be explained by asset allocation alone, advice make a difference.
  • When working with an advisor, clients benefit from greater savings discipline in fact, they have been shown to save at twice the rate of non-advised households.
  • More than 56 percent of households who identified working with an advisor feel confident that they will have enough savings to meet their retirement goals; this is compared to 41 percent of those who have no advice relationship.
capwealthWhy Professional Advice is Essential